• Consumers must also go through counseling services (regardless of whether or not they enroll in debt management programs) prior to filing for bankruptcy. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling estimated that their members provided 1.26 million education sessions for bankruptcy in 2007.

    In April of 2005, President George Bush signed into law some new regulations to be added to the existing bankruptcy code. Under the new bankruptcy regulations, debtors who file for any form of bankruptcy protection must meet several requirements. Firstly, debtors who file for new bankruptcies are required to complete a financial counseling course.

    Bankruptcy offers you the fresh start you need. Naturally there are some limitations, because some debt can't be discharged. Your attorney will help you figure out if any of your debt falls under that category.

    • Own taxes which are beyond 3 years old, have been examined as much as 240 days prior to a filing bankruptcy, and voluntarily filled out around two years before are often integrated in a BK

    Bankruptcy is a process that above all else allows people a clean slate. Filing for bankruptcy lets you identify issues that you might have struggled with in the past and then resolve them going forward. If you attribute your financial struggles to your problems with budgeting, you can commit to doing better in the future and working towards new goals. Financial problems are extremely stressful and sometimes if you are unable to see a clear way out of your debt, bankruptcy can offer relief not offered any other way.

    The myth of bankruptcy and foreclosure is simply that bankruptcy stops foreclosure. Closer examination reveals that this may not be entirely true. Bankruptcy is a serious action to take to stall a foreclosure that will have long lasting ramifications.

    When a company or individual files for bankruptcy it is usually to be relieved of heavy, unpayable, debts or to get a clean financial slate in order to be able to move on. When a bankruptcy decision has been made by the courts those who filed for bankruptcy are cleared of all outstanding debts beyond those which can be paid through the company's liquidation. However, the consequence of bankruptcy is to leave those who are bankrupt with a far more limited selection of credit options compared to those who have not gone bankrupt. Most money lenders want to see those who have previously been bankrupt to regain a good credit history before they will offer any loans. As such those who have gone bankrupt usually seek out alternative choices for borrowing money.

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